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  1. <?php
  2. //name of your particular DashboardFE instance, give it any name.
  3. $setting['appname'] = "Dashboard FE";
  4. //url of where you are going to host your instance of DashboardFE
  5. $setting['url'] = "https://your.url/dashboard";
  6. //Short description
  7. $setting['description'] = "<p>Dashboard FE (or DashFE if you like it) it's a third party client/frontend for Pleroma and Mastodon that tries to mimic the look and feel of the Tumblr user dashboard, putting big emphasis in a timeline filled by media of all types</p> <p>Currently a Work in Progress, DashFE can actually be used but it's very possible that there are still rough edges, missing features and stuff that needs to be corrected and/or optimized. Issues, suggestion or sugerences please contact <b></b> via your favorite fediverse account.</p><p>Thank You</p>";
  8. //Locked Instance
  9. //If you prefer your instance of DashboardFE to be locked to a certain fediverse server (your own server, for example) and prevent it's use on another sites, just uncomment the following line and put the url of the desired server
  10. //$setting['lockedto'] = "your.url/dir";
  11. ?>