Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  cel7t 9abbf03d4d Fixed parameterization.patch, added example 2 months ago
  cel7t 80ba39a528 Updated the patch 2 months ago
  cel7t 58d8af4aca Added #:package option to parameter-if and parameter-match, removed parameter-if-* and other unnecessary variants 2 months ago
  cel7t a9cc6fa5bb Fixed parameter-modify-inputs, parameter-substitute-keyword-arguments 3 months ago
  cel7t 27837ba238 Removed all car/cdr, fixed a bug with multiple #:lambda 3 months ago
  cel7t 2fc76bcf11 NOTES needed updates/deprecation 3 months ago
  cel7t 1667bb0c14 Added patch for parameterization 3 months ago
  cel7t e5a2358f8c #:lambda now accepts multiple arguments, removed commented code 3 months ago
  cel7t 4a0ba0e990 Implemented all of Arun's suggestions 3 months ago
  cel7t 7a02781166 Small fix 3 months ago
  cel7t d5e3ae76da Added simple search UI for parameters with types. 3 months ago
  cel7t a62b28f63b Fixed parameter-if 3 months ago
  cel7t 8288b193a7 Added the transform --with-parameter 3 months ago
  cel7t e48cba4d61 Major bugfix with filtering 3 months ago
  cel7t fe6c14767e Added docstrings to all functions in parameters.scm 3 months ago
  cel7t 74188e4d0d Cleaned up parameters.scm, added better error messages 3 months ago
  cel7t 81852ce26f Fixed ALL the bugs. Works PERFECTLY! Almost everything tested 3 months ago
  cel7t c5e59ead74 Added testing files 3 months ago
  cel7t b1fd269523 Fixed the bug. It works now! 3 months ago
  cel7t 918c17bc6c Fixed quite a few bugs, found a bug with transform string concatenation 3 months ago
  cel7t 570b30cd6c Fixed many bugs, package-with-parameters close to working 3 months ago
  cel7t a1fe668d22 Finished Applicator, needs testing + universal parameters 4 months ago
  cel7t f2f661e584 Groundwork for Applicator 4 months ago
  cel7t 980e3adb40 Untested Predicate Support 4 months ago
  cel7t 940fa8ae10 Fixed bug in logic (negation was not supported) 4 months ago
  cel7t 123481d144 Rewrote most of parameters.scm in DRAFTS/updated-parameters.scm 4 months ago
  cel7t 6d73bf9897 Added Design doc 4 months ago
  cel7t d3ac5084c7 Wrote the second update on Parameterized Packages 4 months ago
  cel7t 747283c515 Made a file showcasing article examples 4 months ago
  cel7t 0be79fc11b Rewrote all conditionals, moved dependencies from pspec to parameter record 4 months ago