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  Cafe 332b0b16f4 Decode one uniform as a half-float vec4 5 years ago
  Cafe 665eb084a2 Write shaders out to disk 5 years ago
  Cafe aff9251975 Use panwrap hexdump directly 5 years ago
  Cafe 140c41c8a7 Remove syncs 5 years ago
  Cafe f3fab7e749 Remove unnecessary syncs 5 years ago
  Cafe 37201ce0ca Syncs are not necessary in this case. 5 years ago
  Cafe 176c8f6e3c Fix tracer 5 years ago
  Cafe fc6638b742 Trim hexdump 5 years ago
  Cafe 55356859c3 -lm for panwrap 5 years ago
  Cafe ea1df47fde Build with panwrap headers 5 years ago
  Cafe 0648595f4c Update synth.c to build with new chai-notes 5 years ago
  Cafe 11d8de016f Rearrange for panwrap 5 years ago
  Cafe 5f318722b5 const 5 years ago
  Cafe fb0936b0a2 wiggle verts 5 years ago
  Cafe 549e3d6462 Wiggle vertices from userland 5 years ago
  Cafe f180f95e71 Integrate with panwrap a liiitle tighter 5 years ago
  Cafe 5152babab5 Trap failed map 5 years ago
  Cafe 3776d29a7c Enable panwrap to compile 5 years ago
  Cafe 334a375312 BASE->MALI 5 years ago
  Cafe 7bacecf747 Fix function names 5 years ago
  Cafe 3dee1e8263 Comment out kbase_push call for now 5 years ago