Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  btucker 387a7d8f22 Merge branch 'master' of games195/freeShop into master 11 months ago
  games195 9a85aa507b Update it.lang for music 11 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson bd292d267b Fix German language bug 11 months ago
  btucker 93e92abe1e Merge branch 'master' of mariogamer2/freeShop into master 11 months ago
  mariogamer2 7cd056bc93 Update fr.lang for music 11 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 2bdd67c5f7 Add DspDump notice in 2.2.0 changelog 11 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson d6855b4615 Bump to version 2.2.0 11 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 8072ba51f5 Stop/resume BGM when entering/exiting sleep state 11 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson ade1a66c94 Fix bug when stopping BCSTM stream while not playing 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson c00a707456 Fix bug that duplicated queued installs. Closes #17 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 755cf724dd Add missing vector include. 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 22bb27c0e0 Seed rand for SettingsGUI which is usually loaded in another thread. 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson a32e2e3254 Stop scrolling when switching to Search screen. Fixes #13 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 59b0ad3303 Fix crash with empty list. Closes #8 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 5ca416898f Fix bug of Config saving after needed references are destroyed 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 5b752accd1 Add Music page to settings and copy eShop BGM to subdir 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson d25694c6a1 Update latest cpp3ds API 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson e6d5f52bbc Add fmtlib for new cpp3ds and use -O3 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 536dc682db Change BGM playback method and add BCSTM audio streamer 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson d1466416a3 Don't wake from sleep when changing volume. Closes #9 1 year ago
  Cruel e7586c8d6e Fix version char comparison bug 1 year ago
  BTucker ccc84980ff Show version news for all version changes and not just auto-updates 1 year ago
  BTucker 7dcb2bbe01 Fix auto-updater to use new build server. 1 year ago
  BTucker 2811d8966f Use Homebrew logo, fix README links, and bump title version 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson a68bb75745 Fetch English genres and platforms for Chinese consoles. Attempts to fix #201 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 6584974cfd Merge pull request #189 from brigcaster/patch-1 1 year ago
  brigcaster 3c7ab1b5cb Update gr.lang 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 4656088c80 Fix link to CREDITS 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 14436fbdf6 Permit Japanese on Chinese consoles 1 year ago
  Thomas Edvalson 5e3f211d89 Update Hungarian translation 1 year ago