273 Commits (master)

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  btucker 387a7d8f22 Merge branch 'master' of games195/freeShop into master 2 weeks ago
  games195 9a85aa507b Update it.lang for music 2 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson bd292d267b Fix German language bug 2 weeks ago
  btucker 93e92abe1e Merge branch 'master' of mariogamer2/freeShop into master 2 weeks ago
  mariogamer2 7cd056bc93 Update fr.lang for music 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson 2bdd67c5f7 Add DspDump notice in 2.2.0 changelog 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson d6855b4615 Bump to version 2.2.0 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson 8072ba51f5 Stop/resume BGM when entering/exiting sleep state 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson ade1a66c94 Fix bug when stopping BCSTM stream while not playing 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson c00a707456 Fix bug that duplicated queued installs. Closes #17 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson 755cf724dd Add missing vector include. 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson 22bb27c0e0 Seed rand for SettingsGUI which is usually loaded in another thread. 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson a32e2e3254 Stop scrolling when switching to Search screen. Fixes #13 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson 59b0ad3303 Fix crash with empty list. Closes #8 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson 5ca416898f Fix bug of Config saving after needed references are destroyed 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson 5b752accd1 Add Music page to settings and copy eShop BGM to subdir 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson d25694c6a1 Update latest cpp3ds API 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson e6d5f52bbc Add fmtlib for new cpp3ds and use -O3 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson 536dc682db Change BGM playback method and add BCSTM audio streamer 3 weeks ago
  Thomas Edvalson d1466416a3 Don't wake from sleep when changing volume. Closes #9 1 month ago
  Cruel e7586c8d6e Fix version char comparison bug 1 month ago
  BTucker ccc84980ff Show version news for all version changes and not just auto-updates 1 month ago
  BTucker 7dcb2bbe01 Fix auto-updater to use new build server. 1 month ago
  BTucker 2811d8966f Use Homebrew logo, fix README links, and bump title version 1 month ago
  Thomas Edvalson a68bb75745 Fetch English genres and platforms for Chinese consoles. Attempts to fix #201 2 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 6584974cfd Merge pull request #189 from brigcaster/patch-1 4 months ago
  brigcaster 3c7ab1b5cb Update gr.lang 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 4656088c80 Fix link to CREDITS 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 14436fbdf6 Permit Japanese on Chinese consoles 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 5e3f211d89 Update Hungarian translation 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson e00b89dd6f Add CREDITS file and credits for translations 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 4f092d9531 Update Spanish translations 4 months ago
  mcloverkorea a006cd9392 Update Translations kr.lang (#187) 4 months ago
  BlackSheep 16c58fa529 Update fr.lang (#186) 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson ad02dcbae1 Add new words to translation files. Only Portuguese files are translated. 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 4ed38c39fa Update to 2.1.3 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 13675d3586 Use audio streaming for BGM 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 9edae1f38c Add Chinese/Korean to GUI, add missing regions to filter 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 6c6d0889d7 Correct auto-detection to use correct Spanish/Portuguese based on console region. 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 7b1285d1c1 Allow option in getCountryCode to ignore region input. 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 8bbd50371d Create tw.lang (#152) 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 7db93bf010 Turkish translation (#150) 4 months ago
  mcloverkorea f6c7e00b06 Update kr.lang(DavidKang) (#182) 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson ca4d12ef63 Add Korean translation file template 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson b09e917df2 Switch Vorbis lib to Tremor 4 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson 947b378944 Fix crashes on Chinese consoles 4 months ago
  Shadow a2dbb76678 Update es_US.lang (#178) 4 months ago
  AdryGL f3030f6bc8 Update es_ES.lang (#179) 5 months ago
  Thomas Edvalson d88564ad1e Don't stop retrying failed connections when installing games 5 months ago
  Dawid Weglarz fbbb1b9a25 Added polish language (#177) 5 months ago