Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Diogo Cordeiro f67a93eddc [CORE] Bump Database requirement to MariaDB 10.3+ 10 months ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth e46b2803a7 Introducing TargetedRss10Action for simplifying RSS 1.0 4 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth 6b717a6a69 Throw exception if Local_group has no corresponding User_group 5 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth a6f99e7296 Implement a User_group fetching function for Local_group 6 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth 6ed66d9c76 Local_group and User are now assumed to be in same namespace 6 years ago
  Mikael Nordfeldth 1a9a8ea730 staticGet for sub-Managed_DataObject classes now calls parent 6 years ago
  Joshua Wise 783e400d94 Potential SQL injection in Local_group::setNickname() 6 years ago
  Evan Prodromou 9ca3c3d1c3 move core schema to class files 8 years ago
  Siebrand Mazeland 5813ecada2 * add translator documentation 9 years ago
  Evan Prodromou e6858d7203 modify group actions so they use Local_group to look up by nickname 10 years ago
  Evan Prodromou 68a10970f9 fixup exe bits 10 years ago
  Evan Prodromou bd68154772 Make user_group able to handle remote groups 10 years ago