Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Miguel Dantas 970422e42c [REFACTOR] Added explicit return type to all instances of QueueHandler::handle 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas aaabf82eff [CORE][QUEUE] Error checking and type declaration on handling notice queue events 11 months ago
  Diogo Cordeiro de91d28f6f [PEAR][DB] Import some new commits 11 months ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 24d5d200b8 [EXTLIB][VALIDATE] Fix some types 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas 573ba2ee43 [DOCUMENTATION] Added X-Sendfile/X-Accel-Redirect to the sample nginx and apache config files 11 months ago
  Diogo Cordeiro b4fced4bd7 [DOCUMENTATION] Add versioning information 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas 52310a8ad8 [Embed] Fixed error related to oembed action 11 months ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 11d203c54a [DOCUMENTATION] Fix nginx location rule's regex for install and index 11 months ago
  biodantas 723f12923c Merge branch 'master' of biodantas/gnu-social into master 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas 8b106dbc6c [MEDIA] Fixed wrong image cropping 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas 955d5a136f [MEDIA] Replaced internal image handling with intervention/image, which is capable of using both GD and ImageMagik 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas 2db3825940 [CORE][COMPOSER] Added intervention/image 11 months ago
  Diogo Cordeiro db3253e5d2 [CORE] Bump PHP requirement to PHP7.3+ 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas dbde8383c9 [Embed] Fixed use of undefined variable in fixup_files script 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas 6d552f15b6 [Embed] Resize thumbnails fetched by Embed to avoid keeping original images when we need only 128x128. Size configurable in config.php 11 months ago
  Miguel Dantas ba15724a62 [FORMAT][Embed] Ran php-cs-fixer on Embed's files and small style fixes 1 year ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 938d286fb6 [DOCUMENTATION] Add a CHANGELOG that includes a TODO list to reach alpha in v2 11 months ago
  Diogo Cordeiro 2e6c7b1bb8 [SCRIPTS] Make them work in v2 by setting PUBLICDIR 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas 5be705ca2a [Embed] Updated fixup_files.php script to be able to fix broken oEmbedinfo using the --broken-oembed flag 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas 07b4cfaeae [Embed] Hide error from the UI and just don't display an image if the remote image is not valid 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas c9379b3608 [Embed] Fix bug where we we're losing track of a file, in case the image needed to be reencoded 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas 22c8c96249 [Embed] Fixed Embed tests 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas d66828c2bf [Embed] Fixed bug where sometimes images were written outside the site root 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas a244f3ba4d [Embed] Removed old oEmbed and OpenGraph implementation 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas 0c20d35206 [Embed] Refactoring and bug fixing 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas 462ea26303 [Embed] Using oscarotero/Embed as first attempt to get oEmbed/OpenGraph data, fallback 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas b25632ebc4 [PLUGINS] Fixed oEmbed dependents to use Embed 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas 2a2b3f72fb [Embed][DB] Renaming the 'file_oembed' table to 'file_embed' on upgrade 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas 52819d39d9 [OEmbed][Embed] Renamed OEmbed plugin to Embed 1 year ago
  Miguel Dantas 1d41ff16d6 [COMPOSER] Added embed/embed 1 year ago