Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bill-auger 3963cb996f housekeeping and bugfixes 4 years ago
  bill-auger 6bb6876a5e allow specifying max n_commits 4 years ago
  bill-auger e944bce1a5 make README more informative 4 years ago
  bill-auger 56ef1c065e add [UNKNOWN] for [E] gpg status signatures 4 years ago
  bill-auger 9750053ebf add GPL 4 years ago
  bill-auger ea57a8f47d accept tag refs 4 years ago
  bill-auger 04ae08d64a fix author color bug 4 years ago
  bill-auger 9c243289f3 always pass $1 to git log 5 years ago
  bill-auger 584a4623e9 housekeeping 5 years ago
  bill-auger ffebec13b6 handle empty commit messages 5 years ago
  bill-auger 0a6751369b suppress GPG comment 5 years ago
  bill-auger ac35ce718b add CLI param to specify branch 5 years ago
  bill-auger 546c2c3dff add git-graph 5 years ago
  bill auger 6d5db55ef8 initial commit 6 years ago