• Release 3.1.4

    arc13 5 years ago 0 commits to master since this release

    3.1.4 changelog:

    • Bugfix: freeShop was not installing the seed correctly.

    3.1.3 changelog: The WOW-Too-Many-Informations update

    • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments.
    • Reworked game description screen. You can also press the Select button to open the ratings screen for a game.
    • The installed list can now be sorted and the sorting options can be saved, like the filter list. (Check settings)
    • The game list can now be filtered by game features and publishers
    • Empty filters are now hidden
    • Reworked News screen (now like the dialogs)
    • Title keys can be downloaded from multiple URLs
    • A search bar has been added in the installed list.
    • Check if free space is enough on SD/NAND for sleep downloads.
    • Message if storage is almost full in storage bars.
    • Modified dialogs (again...)/news screen, and cleaned animations.
    • The "Refresh Cache"/"Update" buttons now asks for a confirmation before rebooting the app.
    • The storage informations now tell you if there's less than 5% of free storage in your SD/NAND.
    • A notification is sent when the console is disconnected from the internet.
    • The system settings can be launched when there is no internet connection at startup.
    • The game list is not updated on a search when the search term didn't change.
    • Modified dialogs, and cleaned animations.
    • Added a 3DSX auto-updater.
    • Press and hold Select to sleep-download every downloadable content.
    • Bugfix + improved the notifications (on the news list)
    • Bugfix: Start button wasn't closing the app properly.
    • Bugfix: Unreleased DLC now fails the download instead of suspend it, so the download queue can continue.
    • Bugfix: RGB LED is now supported in 3DSX version.
    • Bugfix: Games with top/bottom screenshot was crashing freeShop (like MH4U)
    • Bugfix: Games with small screenshots wasn't taking the full screen when selected. (see Paper Plane EUR, however, these screenshots are rescaled, so it's very "pixeled" when in full screen)
  • Release 3.1.2

    arc13 5 years ago 52 commits to master since this release

    The colorful update.

    • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments.
    • EXPERIMENTAL: The MP3 files are now supported for the BGM. (Thanks to @MaK11-12 and his ctrmus)
    • Added Notifiers, with support for the 3DS's RGB LED (thanks to @Sono) and the Notification applet.
    • Updated Timmy (1.2): Theme makers should update their themes, a new guide has been released with the changelog.
    • Support for the Sapphire sysmodule, which extends the functionnality of the Notifiers with sleep mode downloads, it will blink the LED when a sleep mode download is finished. (Thanks to @Sono again, download links on the GBAtemp thread, a system firmware >= 11.0 is required.)
    • Improved Sleep/Inactivity mode: You can now choose which screen you want to turn off after a certain amount of inactivity. You can also choose to dim the Power and WiFi LEDs. You can also choose after how many seconds the freeShop will go into sleep mode.
    • Added the possibility to reset the eShop music (to grab the most recent one).
    • The music will now stop if the volume slider is too low (this can be disabled in the Music settings).
    • You can now press the A button on the loading screen to enable WiFi.
    • A notification is sent if the battery level is low.
    • Added percentage on loading screen for the "Loading game list" part
    • The app can now be closed via the Start button (no longer the Select) to let users open Rosalina while they are in the app.
    • The dialogs has been reworked.
    • Bugfix: The Informations icon is now selected by default on freeShop boot
    • Bugfix: The system app DLC & Updates are now installable without problems
    • Bugfix: If you quit the app while the Game list is loading, it should not crash anymore.

    A 3DSX version has been added (for homebrew users with Luma3DS 8.0), however some secondary functionnalities, like the battery percentage and the RGB LED aren't working.

  • Release 3.1.1

    arc13 5 years ago 93 commits to master since this release

    The scrolled update.

    • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments.
    • You can now scroll the game description with the touchscreen!
    • The Y button will ask you if you want to cancel the sleep download if the selected game is already in sleep download mode.
    • Storage meters now show free space/total space
    • Updated Timmy (1.1): Theme makers should update their themes, a new guide has been released with the changelog.
    • Korean flag has been added.
    • Added the option to use the system keyboard for game searching.
    • Added an option to show the battery percentage.
    • A game counter has been implemented. You can disable it via the Settings > Other tab.
    • Return to the HOME Menu while a sleep download is processed should be less harm.
    • Fixed bug that prevented DSiWare games name to appear in sleep mode download.
    • Fixed bug with the shutdown feature that wasn't working properly with New 3DS.
    • Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish US, Spanish ES and Dutch translations.
    • The moon icon for sleep download don't freeze the console anymore.
    • Fixed bug that was crashing the app when the user wanted to launch a game through the freeShop/refresh the cache
    • Fixed the bug that was preventing HOME Menu Themes to be downloaded.
    • Fixed the bug that was preventing freeShop to launch games on cartridges.
  • Release 3.1.0

    arc13 5 years ago 109 commits to master since this release

    The hyped update.

    • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments.
    • Sleep download feature: Press Y on any game that you want to sleep-download You can also press on the little moon icon on the app description screen
    • QWERTZ, Katakana keyboards implemented + Search by Title ID
    • Brand new Theme-Engine™ (named Timmy) For theme makers: Please read the guide uploaded on the GBATemp thread
    • Storage informations are now on the bottom screen + Status bar on the bottom screen
    • PabloMK7's Awesome Boot Screen
    • Game size on the installed game list
    • You can show the Title ID of a game on the game description screen (Settings > Others > "Show Title ID in game description screen")
    • For New 3DS: C-Stick, used to change between bottom screen tabs ZL & ZR, used to go to the first and last games on the game list CPad will no longer scroll game list when used to scroll a game description
    • The Audio Service status is shown on Settings > Music tab
    • GBA has been added to the platform filter list
    • Download/Storage progress bars are now animated on progress

    Happy sigHax day !

  • Release 3.0.0

    arc13 5 years ago 134 commits to master since this release

    The first version of this fork.


    • Theming support (A guide will be released with 3.0.1, some bugs are still present with theming in this version)

    • AZERTY and QWERTY keyboards (Japanese soon)

    • Fixed some bugs:

      - No internet connection loop bug
      - German language

    • Informations on the top screen (Clock, TWL NAND and SD used space/total space)

    (VERY inspired by FBI for top screen informations, thanks @Steveice10)