Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 9706ae0404 Rip out SDL 2 years ago
  Alyssa Rosenzweig 988bbf8f71 Import freedreno code 2 years ago
  Cheehan b60193b504 Use C++14 for std::make_unique 3 years ago
  Cheehan 6fe3883b4e Add trivial test make target 4 years ago
  Cheehan eb677ef094 Fix pthread link error 4 years ago
  Cheehan adca0d65f7 Clean makefile. 5 years ago
  Cheehan da25ddd851 Use make implicit rules. 5 years ago
  Cheehan 3aafce3916 Clean makefile. 5 years ago
  Cheehan f267371df3 Travis: Make makefile compiler agnostic. 5 years ago
  Cheehan 832c50193b Minor tidy. 5 years ago
  Cheehan e6db74c050 Clean makefile in preparation for Travis CI. 5 years ago
  Cheehan 809bec9e63 Build with Wextra and Werror. 5 years ago
  Cheehan fc1133f6f0 Use SDL2 instead of SDL. 6 years ago
  Cheehan Weereratne ebab870793 Add timer class. 6 years ago
  Cheehan b9063261dc Includes and using. 6 years ago
  Cheehan 4c59260a1d Working video player synced to master clock 7 years ago
  Cheehan ca7340b7eb Complete player broken by ffmpeg update 7 years ago