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  alkostuchkov 1a7298a6fd configs 10 months ago
  alkostuchkov 83d0584d0b Modified: .bashrc .profile (PATH and exports are not in .profile). 1 year ago
  alkostuchkov a4758e3e53 Modified: .cr3/cr3.ini (set monospace font); .c/qtile/Qtile_My_Keys.txt (refactoring alignments). 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov c96c6b2c8b Added-Modified: .myS/; .c/vifm/(config, colors); .c/qtile/(key for 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov 47e6dc4df0 Modified: .zshrc; .bashrc; .c/fish/ (added showing links for ll alias). 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov e213563541 Modified: .profile; .bashrc; .c/fish/ (added exprot ANDROID_SDK and path to adb). 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov a67f08e3be Modified: .c/qtile/ (bar.Bar size=32); .vimrc (changed colorscheme for tty). 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov 1807f44ec8 Modified: .c/qtile/ added KeyChord to run Utils. 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov daa26086b7 Modified: .c/VSCodium/(keybindings.json, settings.json), .cr3/cr3.ini 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov 5b061e6fe2 Modified: .c/VSCodium/settings.json add colorize extention settings. 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov 865be39d2c Modified: .c/VSCodium/settings.json). 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov b901452f48 Modified: .c/picom/picom.conf changed shadow-exclude (breaktimer, megasync). 2 years ago
  alkostuchkov f29a7c4429 Init commit: added my dotfiles 3 years ago