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Example project showing a simple test harness for small projects in C.


  1. Call run_tests() through main somehow, after doing your own argument parsing.

  2. Call run_single_test() through main somehow, based on your argument parsing.

  3. Put 'setup' code you want to run before each test into a function called reset().

  4. Write each test in a function whose first line has the rigid form:

void test_...(void) {

The entire prototype must fit on a single line, with the opening curly brace 'cuddled' on the same line. (This form allows us to easily autogenerate prototypes for functions, so that you can define your functions and tests in any order in any .c file.)

Read test.h for more details.

Based on the minimal build system example repo at

Try it out

$ ./build
$ ./a.out  # run some example tests
..  # emits one dot per passing test
$ ./a.out test_2  # run a single test
.  # single dot for single test
$ ./clean  # undo ./build