Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  orwell96 de64c46fa5 Industrial: Add liquid capacity to tank wagon 10 months ago
  W3RQ01 11d3620086 Japanese Train: Add Livery Feature 1 year ago
  orwell96 764be1bda4 Japanese train: add wheel positions (first try) 2 years ago
  orwell96 61a4526e8c Coupling: Add coupler type definitions 2 years ago
  Maverick2797 d44c410f7c MT 5.x player position fixes 3 years ago
  orwell96 c0203bf92a Add license documents 3 years ago
  orwell96 c51aa6ced2 Replace deprecated depends.txt's by mod.conf and organize dependencies consistently, add modpack.conf 3 years ago
  orwell96 05a7a1cecb Add some missing craft recipes 3 years ago
  Hume2 7c0d45ccfc subway trains: display up to two digits 3 years ago
  ywang a84e17fa78 [BREAKING] Use client-side translations instead of intllib; add zh_CN translations 3 years ago
  Blockhead a2f68371ec Use a standard wagon inventory formspec 4 years ago
  orwell96 7ed69d69fc Get rid of the "Subway Train" item (was an ugly hack anyways, and is obsolete now) 4 years ago
  orwell96 69c8ff8f6d Merge branch 'mt5-fixes' 4 years ago
  orwell96 ebf1b10628 Remove fullbright (H#140) 4 years ago
  orwell96 71723aca4f Move attachment positions down 1 node 5 years ago
  ywang c15985883c Fix steam engine sound playing forever (H#121) 4 years ago
  orwell96 5497aaaa8b Configurable interval for get_off setpos and door pos fix for japanese train 5 years ago
  orwell96 223d2e1a5f Add "X" line symbol for subway trains terminating/service trips 5 years ago
  orwell96 8d09820517 Fix "subway train" item 5 years ago
  orwell96 a1c0b3a6d3 Change get_inventory_formspec API - add invname parameter 5 years ago
  orwell96 9c9450ccb7 Remove superfluous "tarvelocity" assignments 5 years ago
  orwell96 9a1f381882 Make "Line" property accessible from OBC and gettable via LATC, change subway wagon texture handling 5 years ago
  Thomas Rudin eb0f6f9d51 lower steel return 5 years ago
  h-v-smacker ce48c773ff onboard computer fix 5 years ago
  orwell96 04a9f08478 Fix box wagons 6 years ago
  orwell96 a0ff37eabb Fix bugs found while testing 6 years ago
  orwell96 544e5ba2bb Revert assign_to_seat_group order on subway train 6 years ago
  orwell96 34d7bee975 Add bord computer to trains 6 years ago
  orwell96 ea436e39c4 Move driving_ctrl_access property to seat group 6 years ago
  orwell96 97a6c8de18 Merge branch 'master' of 6 years ago