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An undemanding IRC logger with a functional web interface. Flagman instance (for example).

Download ircabot

User features
  • The web interface displays the current online for each chat, with nicknames highlighted in the log;
  • Search with regular expressions;
  • To get the log as plain text, you need to substitute the .txt to the link;
  • To hide the message in the log, you can put a dot at the beginning (message will be displayed as "Blinded message");
  • Connection status to the servers is displayed in real time (green check mark or red cross). This allows you to judge whether the log is up to date;
  • Real time reading chat via JavaScript and AJAX magic.

Admin features
  • Unlimited number of servers and chat rooms;
  • Ability to use one nickname for all connections, or unique for each server;
  • Nickname authorization support via NickServ;
  • Customizable triggers for issuing information by bot in chat;
  • Real time reading mode may be disabled via configuration file (for JS haters, etc);
  • Low system resource consumption: connecting to two servers and active use of the web interface requires ~20MB RAM.

First start (Debian/Ubuntu/etc)

# Qt5 C++ framework dependencies:
sudo apt install qt5-default

# Create a configuration file template:
./ircabot --example ./config.conf

# Edit config.conf for your case.

# Start ircabot with new configuration file:
./ircabot --config ./config.conf
  • Edit systemd/ircabot.service;
  • Copy service file to /lib/systemd/system/;
  • Run ircabot: sudo systemctl start ircabot.service;
  • Enable (for autorun at system startup): sudo systemctl enable ircabot.service.