Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Rion 0a005f0ad7 plugins configuring hack slightly rewritten. more qt5 compatiblity fixes 11 years ago
  Rion 48f6211089 qt5 compatibility changes 11 years ago
  Rion d1bffea8e7 fix ENABLED_PLUGINS var in (needs review) 15 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 253995e2e2 Improve building system 15 years ago
  Nick Shaforostoff 5f3f688198 add multitran plugin. see README file inside its dir for instructions on how to install multitran libraries and data 15 years ago
  Nicolas Vion 02281563c7 first release of the swac plugin 15 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 614b1b2080 Remove 'test' plugin 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin d35769b5de Add experimental support for WEB dictionaries 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin df66dc88ba Add a StarDict plugin (not works now) 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 9a55999c33 Add plugins subdir and test plugin 16 years ago