Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander Rodin 19642d293a Describe Anki as an optional dependency 5 months ago
  Alexander Rodin a6a57d3528 Remove KDE integration 5 months ago
  Alexander Rodin d52019d2bb Extract only translations to selected languages in the Kiwix plugin 5 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 34f55436f1 Do not enable Kiwix plugin by default 5 months ago
  Alexander Rodin c0c003a439 Add an initial implementation of the Kiwix plugin 6 months ago
  Alexander Rodin b162cb1ea9 Move save to file action to a plugin 5 years ago
  Alexander Rodin d1df632cf0 Move print action to a plugin 5 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 0a99583ae3 Drop Qt4 support #30 5 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 8d986e4b90 Add Anki plugin 5 years ago
  Sergey Ilinykh 1e9ddb3937 autodetect kde5 and add the plugin 6 years ago
  Alexander Rodin c101b78486 Don't build kdeintegration plugin by default 6 years ago
  rion a727c30ce3 Started KDE Integration plugin (not plasma widget) 7 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 3495d14766 fix string caused build error in plugins.pri 10 years ago
  Alexander Rodin f64da04be3 plugins.pri file was missing 11 years ago