Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander Rodin c86bc2f3e2 Remove json templates from plugin directories 5 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 0a99583ae3 Drop Qt4 support #30 5 years ago
  rion 9d3634dba0 Fixed swac plugin + various fixes to plugin manager 7 years ago
  rion e2aec1aa79 Added plugin manager. kde, stardict and web plugins adapted to use it 7 years ago
  Nick Shaforostoff 5f3f688198 add multitran plugin. see README file inside its dir for instructions on how to install multitran libraries and data 15 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 72e700090d Update test plugin 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 9a55999c33 Add plugins subdir and test plugin 16 years ago