Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander Rodin ff62cec8fc Hide the title if it is already present in the translation 6 months ago
  Alexander Rodin f56fc9901b Select newly added dictionaries and put them to the top in the dictionaries list 6 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 0eb42fc7e9 Implement adding of StarDict dictionaries 6 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 1ee031c359 Show the dictionary filename in the dictionary info message box 6 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 396f75ecbf Support removal of dictionaries 6 months ago
  Alexander Rodin c0c003a439 Add an initial implementation of the Kiwix plugin 6 months ago
  Alexander Rodin b5bdac0c45 Use enum class instead of plain enum wherever possible 5 years ago
  Boyuan Yang 7a52f1adc1 Fix typos found by codespell 6 years ago
  rion e2aec1aa79 Added plugin manager. kde, stardict and web plugins adapted to use it 7 years ago
  rion 74822ce04a Changed indent for some files to Qt style 7 years ago
  rion a727c30ce3 Started KDE Integration plugin (not plasma widget) 7 years ago
  Nick Shaforostoff 9e7693a13f -move dictplugin.h to plugins directory 15 years ago