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  Alexander Rodin 674c03ceb5 Describe Anki as an optional dependency 2 months ago
  Alexander Rodin adbfe8b9e2 Remove extraneous comment 2 months ago
  Alexander Rodin eec3b2625d Remove the "-j" flag from the make arguments 2 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 72610ea764 Remove extraneous dependencies from the installation instructions 2 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 3b6c28f3ac Add description of INSTALL_PREFIX 2 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 05b27701a9 Update the INSTALL file 2 months ago
  Sergey Ilinykh 6d4f037081 Added a note about possible compilation failure 4 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 7ec0b69238 revert using of libqxt from a submodule because it breaks github releases 7 years ago
  Alexander Rodin bc744ba608 use libqxt from an upstream submodule 7 years ago
  rion bb6b55686e Added DEVEL mode (to be improved). Fixed crash in kde tray deinit 7 years ago
  Alexander Rodin ceb999f670 Improve documentation 15 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 8a96278a53 Improve building system 15 years ago
  Alexander Rodin b428a06738 Tagging the 0.12.6 release of QStarDict 15 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 07bf8a22c1 Add support for separate translations 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 84aa71f040 Add notice about switches 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 2ade19263c Add information aboud D-Bus 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin eefba4110f Version 0.03 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin c897234946 Version 0.01 16 years ago