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  Alexander Rodin 3a325ea37c Update the email of Alexander Rodin 2 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 9d1f03acf9 Update the list of authors of the StarDict plugin 5 months ago
  Alexander Rodin 2cbd66ee9e Add "Open in the main window" action to the popup window 5 months ago
  Boyuan Yang 7a52f1adc1 Fix typos found by codespell 6 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 4438d058c0 add more specific credentials concerned to qstardict icon 7 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 41450b6e7e Improve documentation 15 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 3ce3f8cff2 Document last chanes, fix typo in the COPYING filename 15 years ago
  Alexander Rodin 0a16506523 Impove AUTHORS file 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin a2b5264acb Tagging the 0.12.1 release of QStarDict 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin c352c164b8 Add authors of the lib part 16 years ago
  Alexander Rodin dc2b924d81 Version 0.01 16 years ago