Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander Rodin 9016bd2717 Add a picture and change wordings in the "Scan" action in the main window 14 hours ago
  Alexander Rodin ae2e92e6d1 Support switching on and off of the scanning by a keyboard shortcut 14 hours ago
  Alexander Rodin 3f934548bc Add basic support for pronouncing IPA transcriptions 22 hours ago
  Alexander Rodin 08ed0bfe24 Fix reading of CSS styles in the appearance tab of the settings dialog 2 days ago
  Alexander Rodin 6836d99725 Remove KDE integration 3 days ago
  Alexander Rodin aad7ebb217 Remove KDE 4 plasmoid 3 days ago
  Alexander Rodin a85f50c963 Fix "savetofile" plugin 3 days ago
  Alexander Rodin fae25ede74 Do not pronounce words in the popup window by default 3 days ago
  Alexander Rodin 60e1ff538c Add files grascale.h and grayscale.cpp to Git 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 074a555c64 Update Russian translation 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 7d47cf3d9e Add "convert all colors to grayscale" option to the Kiwix plugin 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 03091ade32 Remove 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin c1ce6f6781 Make Anki's settings dialog work 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin ea0ad031ff Remove extraneous spaces arising after removing hyperlinks in the Kiwix plugin 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin afbd86346e Hide and show the main window in order to make it focused 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin dd83073293 Set focus by default in the popup window 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 7477ed7e0b Add missing article to the names of toolar actions 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin da0f803b74 Focus on the translation widget when showing translation in the main window 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 25d04d8057 Add "Open in the main window" action to the popup window 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin de9010502c Use alphabetical order of files 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 6c67a8cd89 Do not scan text in the popup window 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 8af7ac0b4e Percent-decode translated words 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin fef2ee94e1 Handle errors in the Anki plugin 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 0eb554e0ed Close Anki database in a correct way 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 08430f7848 Write cards into Anki database instead of using AnkiConnect 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 825bb133c2 Extract model and deck ids into constants 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 3dc6d3f78b Remove "" script 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 01564ea7ba Change :/icons to :/pics 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin 36c659a757 Remove links from Kiwix articles 1 week ago
  Alexander Rodin a10b52c818 Rename platform-dependent installation instructions from README.* to INSTALL.* 1 week ago