• Pre-Release v0.4.0 f600dd381e

    MadHelix 0.4.0 Adaptable Edition

    UltrasonicMadness 1 year ago 0 commits to master since this release

    It's been a long time since the last release - over 4 years since 0.3.0. A lot has happened in that time, much of which has kept me away from maintaining this, but better late than never.


    • New option to randomly pick the SoundHelix style used to generate the song - this is also the new default style option.
    • New play controls to skip backwards and forwards through a song.


    • Song history is now stored in XML instead of JSON, reducing external dependencies. A Python script is included to convert the old format to the new one - this is run from the top project folder as ./utils/ - the timestamp may not be perfectly preserved as the JSON format used local time while the XML format uses UTC.
    • New icons from GNOME 44.
    • Preferences are now stored and loaded by MadHelix.
    • Windows are now resizable. This was intended to make MadHelix work better on mobile but there are still usability issues that will require a serious overhaul. To try it on Phosh, make sure to set the environment variable _JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING to 1.
  • Pre-Release v0.3.0 c25cf72308

    MadHelix 0.3.0

    UltrasonicMadness 5 years ago 41 commits to master since this release


    • A new dialog has been added which shows songs that have been played. This dialog can be accessed using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+H and logging songs can be disabled by accessing the preferences dialog.
    • There is now a timer and a seek bar to show how long generated songs are and how far through the song MadHelix is. The seek bar can be dragged to rewind and fast-forward through the song.


    • Running MadHelix no longer outputs SoundHelix.log files.
    • Styles are now always displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Pre-Release v0.2.0 bd56287da4

    MadHelix 0.2.0 Anniversary Edition

    UltrasonicMadness 6 years ago 65 commits to master since this release

    A year has passed since the first release of MadHelix (then UltrasonicHelix) so I have spent some time fixing some problems I noticed when using it.


    • MadHelix now includes the SoundHelix-Guitar style from SoundHelix's SourceForge repository.
    • Basic keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+P to play a song and CTRL+S to stop.
    • The MIDI output directory can now be configured from the new preferences dialog.


    • The buttons now use icons from the Adwaita Icon Theme instead of the Unicode characters from before; this should translate to a more consistent look across different platforms.
    • Moved file export options to a separate dialog.
    • MadHelix windows now open in the centre of the screen.


    • The thread used to run SoundHelix no longer runs when SoundHelix itself is not playing a song.
    • Songs with long titles no longer break the layout.
  • Pre-Release v0.1.0 57bf41a741

    MadHelix 0.1.0

    UltrasonicMadness 6 years ago 81 commits to master since this release


    • Name changed to MadHelix
    • License clarified (SoundHelix seems to be under GPLv3 only)
    • Improved the build system - this now uses Apache Ant
    • There is now an option which automatically exports songs as MIDI files.
    • A lot of minor changes which should hopefully make the program run more smoothly.
  • Pre-Release v0.0.2 15fff33c4c

    UltrasonicHelix 0.0.2

    UltrasonicMadness 7 years ago 90 commits to master since this release

    Fixed a bug preventing styles from being loaded properly on Microsoft Windows systems.

  • Pre-Release v0.0.1 a2766bc769

    UltrasonicHelix 0.0.1

    UltrasonicMadness 7 years ago 91 commits to master since this release

    This is the initial version of UltrasonicHelix.