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The following FAQ if meant to answer common questions about the workings of this specific subreddit, not about piracy in general.

► Is /r/piracy likely to be shut down by the reddit admins?

Until March 2019 we had managed to police this community enough so that the reddit admins had no reason to contact us about potential copyright infringement. Unfortunately this all changed when the reddit admins contacted us about DMCA takedowns in /r/piracy. This meant that we are now on thin ice, on apparently unreasonable expectations (e.g. removing all potentially links which were posted throughout the history of this subreddit, or policing simple questions about sites which didn't even use any links).

As of now, the future of this subreddit is in potential jeopardy as we have no clear guidelines from the reddit administrators. We definitely do not want to be banned like /r/megalinks, which was a subreddit specifically tailored to providing links to pirated content.


► What was the "scrubbing"?

As a precautionary measure to avoid being taken down based on historical DMCAs (i.e. DMCA against content posted years ago), we have deleted all posts and comments older than Sep 2018 after a democratic vote. It's not a definite protection, but at least nobody can assert that we didn't do our due diligence.


► Can I get a copy of the scrubbin' script?

Yes, here.


► Is there a fallback location people can migrate to if and when the subreddit is suspended?

Yes! We've prepared an alternate location in reddit-like decentralized reddit-like platform Lemmy. The location is here:

There is a secondary fallback location also available in Raddle:


► Why Lemmy?

Because it's a decentralized reddit-like alternative which makes it increasingly hard to be taken down as we can move our content to another instance easily while users retain their accounts. The head mod of /r/piracy is already there as well.

► Why Raddle?

Because it's a decent reddit-like alternative run by anarchists with a strong security culture and an intact warrant canary . Some of the mods of /r/piracy are already there, so you also know what to expect.


► Why not Voat or saidit or 4chan or any other site?

Because places which advertise themselves simply as "anti censorship" as their main draw, end up in one of two ways. Either they use "anti-censorship" as a way to draw users while they quickly abandon this rhetoric once the server costs or greed become high enough that they start trying to attract advertisers (e.g. see: Reddit). Or they take such a blanket view on free speech that the hate speech takes over the site, meanwhile every marginalized person flees from the constant abuse (e.g. see Voat).

The fallback sites chosen here are not about "freeze peach" the way the others are, it's unashamedly anarchist or socialist and therefore do not tolerate hate speech, while at the same time don't care about pleasing advertisers. If you just want to talk about piracy, it's objectively the best option.


► Is there a distributed platform?

Yes! We suggest you use Aether as it attempts to replicate the reddit experience, in distributed format.

  1. Download Aether client

  2. Join the piracy sub: aether://board/86caeb740eaa2c3baa345f920fa6d342c13814889666286ec51fbc6a4849d22b

Alternatively you can also join us on scuttlebutt

  1. Download a scuttlebutt client. I just use the standard Patchwork.

  2. Install the client and then press the +Join Pub button.

  3. Join the same 2 pubs everyone is in, so we can find each other:

  4. Alternatively, just follow the moderators directly:

  5. Go to channel #Piracy and talk. Make new channels as required and invite your contacts. Once you follow enough people, you can unfollow from the pubs to control your privacy better.