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  SuperSaltyGamer 7d8c63196a [vgmdb] Update to v1.1.6 2 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer ad07fab3e9 [vgmdb] Show MB seed button when uncertain match 2 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer 4bb2e98cc8 [musicbrainz-works] Add JASRAC site support 2 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer b8e316656f [applemusic] Add Seed MusicBrainz button 2 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer d0702e3b0c [musicbrainz-works] Fix minc parsing 3 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer ffe21775ef [musicbrainz-works] Fixes for JASRAC and NexTone codes 4 months ago
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  SuperSaltyGamer badf76fde5 [musicbrainz-works] Fixes 5 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer e43b1396a3 [musicbrainz-works] Do not reset bus after coming back 5 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer 116a447a0a [musicbrainz-works] Refactor bus 5 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer 09d60c73ec Add MusicBrainz - Works 5 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer 4e4d77af5c [musicbrainz] Improve ISRC release track count matching 5 months ago
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  SuperSaltyGamer 3f07f83735 [musicbrainz] Add ISWC to Enhanced Search 5 months ago
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  SuperSaltyGamer c23dd3499f [musicbrainz] Fix parsing logs on Firefox 10 months ago
  SuperSaltyGamer 71237a428e [musicbrainz] Add advanced lookup support for covers 10 months ago