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  7. <meta name="description" content="The breakdown of a good amount of my work, including my IRC client and bouncer IdleIRC, my Simple Online File Manager (SOFM), and my micro HTTP daemon CHTTPD!" />
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  23. <h3>Projects</h3>
  24. <p>This is a good size collection of some of my more notable projects. I
  25. will slowly adapt this page to be more informative as time passes
  26. and the projects continue to grow.</p>
  27. <h4>IdleIRC</h4>
  28. <p>IdleIRC is a PHP IRC bouncer client with a PHP / JS web frontend that
  29. supports multiple user accounts and multiple simultaneous users idling
  30. / chatting at once! This IRC bouncer is incredibly tiny and is rather
  31. functional as it sits. A live example can be found at
  32. <a href=""></a>.<br />
  33. If you're interested in examining IdleIRC, or hosting your own instance
  34. of it,
  35. <a href="">Check it out on</a></p>
  36. <h4>SVMM</h4>
  37. <p>A project of mine; <a href="">SVMM
  38. (Simple VM Manager)</a>. This allows you, or other users with soon to be a
  39. passphrase or code, to create and manage virtual machines. This is intended
  40. to be used as a user frontend for QEMU to users for my free VM hosting service
  41. as I work more into the scene.
  42. <a href="">FreeBox (</a>.
  43. <div class="note">For a limited time, get access to FreeBox using code &quot;freebox2020&quot; on registeration! This is for a test run!</div>
  44. </p>
  45. <h4>SSB</h4>
  46. <p><a href="">Simple Social Board</a> is
  47. a flatfile, simple, flexable, social media platform; open source for
  48. everyone! You can join my social media instance and experience at
  49. <a href="">(SecureSpace)</a>.</p>
  50. <h4>Freon Linux</h4>
  51. <p>Looking for an embedded server operating system for your basic needs?
  52. Use Freon Linux! Visit the <a href="">website</a> for
  53. information and downloads!</p>
  54. <h4>cHTTPd (Chris' HTTP Daemon)</h4>
  55. <p>cHTTPd is a micro HTTP server written in C with a simple configuration parser
  56. and very basic cgi functions. It also allows for server configuration of serve
  57. upload throttling, and port / bind control. Visit the
  58. <a href="">repository</a> for
  59. information, and source code.</p>
  60. <h4>CServ</h4>
  61. <p>CServ is a simple IRC moderator written in C as a proof of concept and to operate
  62. channels, topics, and user authentication minimalistically! Visit the
  63. <a href="">repository</a> for information, and
  64. source code.<br />
  65. <b>Using CServ in IRC:</b>
  66. If CServ is connected to an IRC server with the username that I normally use (MultiServ),
  67. this is how it'd operate when communicated with in IRC:
  68. <br /><br />
  69. <code>
  70. /msg MultiServ @help<br />
  71. MultiServ: @register 'password' - Register your username<br />
  72. MultiServ: @login 'password' - Login to services<br />
  73. MultiServ: @claim 'channel' 'user password' - Register IRC channel to your nickname<br />
  74. MultiServ: @release 'nickname' 'user password' - Release your nickname if someone else logs on with it.<br />
  75. MultiServ: @topic 'channel' 'channel topic' 'user password' - Set your channel topic if you own the channel
  76. </code>
  77. </p>
  78. <h4>SpeedyParse</h4>
  79. <p>
  80. SpeedyParse is a simple web server access.log parser that details basic hit counts and logs
  81. of a domain into a statically generated HTML file, with given search parameters within a
  82. configuration file along side speedyparse.<br />
  83. <b>Source and notes:</b> <a href="">via</a><br />
  84. </p>
  85. <h4>CTMB</h4>
  86. <p>
  87. CTMB has existed for a while now, and its been modified and updated a few times now. As of
  88. currently, you can find the most recent versions of CTMB on
  89. <a href=""></a>.
  90. CTMB has been rather niglected ov
  91. <br /><br />
  92. Otherwise, older projects and outdated source of mine can be found on my old
  93. <a href="">Github account</a>.
  94. </p>
  95. </div>
  96. <div class="footer">
  97. &copy; Chris Dorman, 2020 <a href="">CC BY-NC-SA 4.0</a><br />
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  99. Powered by:<br />
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