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Eventually fix:

  • Fix overlay to always be on top (probably canvas2d or something)

Nice additions:

  • Create particle sprite for fire and lightning
  • Make projectile fade after hitting an object

Most important:

  • DONE Work on level 2 setup
  • DONE Implement scorpion movement
  • DONE Give scorpions customizable starting directions
  • DONE Switch command text from richtext to label
  • DONE Make a lightning sprite
  • DONE Have player shoot lightning
  • DONE Make lightning kill scorpions
  • DONE Make lightning disappear after killing scorpions
  • DONE Set the noise of lightning striking a scorpion
  • DONE Learn to make particles
  • DONE Spruce up levels 1 and 2
  • Make music for during levels
  • Draw a sprite for solid grey brick
  • Create a tile for solid grey brick
  • Work on level 3 setup
  • Have player shoot waterspray
  • Make waterspray destroy rocks
  • Make this the first really challenging level
  • Figure out a good evaporate mechanic
  • Work on level 4 setup
  • Work on first boss: Big scorpion