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  1. Most models are created with 32px textures, if you want/need larger you can simply scale the texture up by a power of two and everything will work. If however you want/need smaller you might need to redo the UV maps, as they weren't designed on a 16px base, and may be glitchy at lower resolutions.
  2. Many of the models have Ambient Occlusion bakes and UV layouts (.svg format) You can use this to recolor the textures.
  3. If you add the AO bake as a layer in your image editor program of choice you should be able to change the blend mode to mulitply and use that to add the shading to your texture.
  4. A very large majority of these files are being used in my mods, and the source code can be found largely in my epic or traitor games. Both of which are hosted on my notabug account.
  5. The organization is kinda messy, sorry for that. Over the years I've made models for many people, and different projects. Some source files may only have one item, while others may have hundreds.
  6. Animated models have been saved with Blender 2.93.5, so as to have the .b3d exporter available. You can open with a newer version, but saves aren't 100% backward compatible and you'll loose the vertex groups if you ever need to open up in 2.93.5 again.