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  1. contribution guide:
  2. To keep things neat and tidy across the game/server here are a few style guidelines to keep in mind.
  3. Code style stays fairly true to Minetest Game, 90 line widths, three space indentation. I usually use single quotes. I can always change from tabs to spaces easily enough on any submissions. This part really isn't super important, as you don't see code when playing.
  4. Textures should all be 32px.
  5. Models should be built to a 16th grid with 32px textures. Angles are okay, but shouldn't be overdone.
  6. Mobs should be built of boxes rotated as needed. As with the models they should stick as close as possible to the 32px texture grid.
  7. Obviously as mobs will be moving around, imperfections in the pixel alignment aren't too big of a deal. :)
  8. Breaking changes are obviously strongly frowned upon, unless there is absolutely no other way, they are avoided.
  9. ABMs or Aliases can be used if a node needs to change names, or a second node can be registered, with the craft removed for the first,
  10. then after some time the first can be removed.
  11. The game is set in a medieval/fantasy type setting. Only the most basic of automation is allowed.
  12. This will probably get more clarification in the future. I just wanted to get something put together sooner rather than later.