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{% capture page_subtitle %} {% endcapture %} {% include page/title.html title=page.title subtitle=page_subtitle %} ## Welcome to The Minetest Blog! We post updates about once per month (subject to change) to let you know what's new with Minetest. We cover everything about Minetest, from engine development, to mod and game progress, to server news and community events. Even Minetest-related artwork has a place here. Posts are subdivided by general topic. We can also do special posts about important events or updates important to the general minetest community. ## Contributing to Posts Are you working with Minetest? We'd love to know what's new with you! If you have something great to share: 1) Read the submission guidelines (below). 2) Make an issue on the [GitHub issue tracker](https://github.com/minetestblog/minetestblog.github.io/issues) or alternatively, on the mirrored [GitLab issue tracker](https://gitlab.com/mistere123.coding/minetestblog.github.io/-/issues) if you can not use GitHub, that contains the info about your update. If this is too hard for you, you can contact an editor on the forums to submit an update. ([MisterE](https://forum.minetest.net/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=26284) ) ## Submission Guidelines We ask that you follow these guidelines when making issues to submit post content: Required: * In the issue, format the issue title like: `[content] content description`. Replace `content description` with a very brief title/description of your submission. * Include who is working on the project. * Include a brief description. Keep it short. Links to further details are encouraged. * Do not post about extremely trivial updates. Actually share project status updates, news or something new. While shills are allowed/encouraged to a degree, you need a good excuse to shill your project. No "hey check out my project that I made last year". New projects, major updates, and events are all good "excuses". * No NSFW content or projects allowed. Highly recommended: * One or two screenshots or GIFs that *effectively* communicates your message. The screenshot may or may not be included in the final post depending on how important your update is deemed to be by the editors, and how well the screenshot adds to understanding the message. Don't expect to have a screenshot of Minetest Game included in a post about a general API update, for example. * Include who took the screenshot. IMPORTANT: The blog editors will consider the content submitted for each post. They will build the upcoming post using the content provided. The issues for each content submission will be closed when the content is included in the upcoming post, or when the post occurs. You submission will not be included if it doesn't meet the basic requirements. The editors may choose to respond to the issue to give you a chance to fix any problems. Regardless, at each post release, all outstanding content submission issues will be closed to make way for the next release. Please only submit content for current updates. ## Cover screenshots, Build screenshots, and Art Each post should have a cover screenshot that will be the background for the title. We may also include a "Minetest at its best" screenshot, showing players having fun, and show some cool builds. Please make submissions each month for these! When you make the issue, format the title like: `[Screenshot] ` Include who took the screenshot, and any descriptive caption you think fits well.