Commit History

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  Marnack 9479de4cdc Tweak interior of nightline wagons 2 years ago
  Marnack c99e01d557 Add moretrains_intercity 2 years ago
  Marnack 59ee0e4f15 Add mod moretrains_nightline 2 years ago
  Maverick2797 10961f8785 fix silberling controlcab passenger access 2 years ago
  Marnack 10a5f8ee74 Add silberling_dining wagon to moretrains_basic 2 years ago
  Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo 6ea3945057 Definitive fix for escape_texture. Thanks ywang. 3 years ago
  Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo 501d222d5c fix bug 3 years ago
  Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo 74f0c88d80 remove craft recipes for deprecated gondola wagons. 3 years ago
  Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo 151c693501 Make the gondola wagons change their texture according to their content 3 years ago
  rbduck be1d52685c Merge branch 'master' of erstazi/minetest-moretrains into master 3 years ago
  rbduck 249f3f26ef everyone needs toilet paper, right? 3 years ago
  rbduck 97212db34f new wagon in progress - missing loaded variants 3 years ago
  erstazi 7a540ae713 Updating advtrains:moretrains_diesel_german with an altered attach_offset and view_offset 3 years ago
  rbduck 4437ba5f43 Merge branch 'master' of gpcf/minetest-moretrains into master 3 years ago
  rbduck d307ccdafb fixed something... xD 3 years ago
  Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo 2ac602865b control car is unpowered 3 years ago
  rbduck b4ff0662d9 silberling engine done 3 years ago
  rbduck 36dfe0ae9c silberling wagon done... 3 years ago
  rbduck adcf086aa0 wip silberlinge... 3 years ago
  rbduck 7ea85ad22c scale fixing finished... 3 years ago
  rbduck da323f447e scale fixing: almost done... 3 years ago
  rbduck 66d6f92dba scale fixing: diesel and rc 3 years ago
  rbduck ed957a638d scale fixing: steam train + tender 3 years ago
  rbduck 66e6fc409f saved a few useful dev files from getting trashed 3 years ago
  rbduck 178cf431a0 Merge branch 'master' of hlqkj/minetest-moretrains into master 3 years ago
  hlqkj 81c531c691 Fix attach and view offsets in the japan engine 3 years ago
  rbduck 3007ef1394 Merge branch 'master' of gpcf/minetest-moretrains into master 4 years ago
  Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo e7074cf7e7 Optimize textures through use of indexed palettes 4 years ago
  rbduck a24adf3a0e only brightening steam train texture 4 years ago
  rbduck 6522d033b3 Hu Nieds Se Deutsche Bahn Whenn Sie ADV-Bahn Eggsists 4 years ago