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  Jade Levesque 86497e8bab Español support, new download page, etc. 1 year ago
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  Jade Levesque 9ba3d37180 Build fixes 1 year ago
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  Jorge Maldonado Ventura 792cc59ab7 Add missing stop 1 year ago
  Jorge Maldonado Ventura 344e016d09 Translate some strings into Spanish 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque cf3f5cf739 Merge branch 'master' of csh/libertybsd-website into master 1 year ago
  Caleb Herbert 480cd3044e Add part of FAQ, eo 1 year ago
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  Tirifto d5765003ef Corrected Esperanto translations. 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque 07349ce156 Added FAQ, en 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque f972c709b1 Finish art page in EO and EN 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque f9af9bf45e Added art page 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque f1c691105d Fixed build 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque fee81cefd1 Cleanup 1 year ago
  Charlie Root e6104086ab Started new build system 1 year ago
  JimmyBot 5aaa5d0e70 remove esperanto alt text,since in lynx it just shows twice anyways, and in a GUI browser it will just show the image. 1 year ago
  JimmyBot 5145f05b5f add reminder to Jade to edit my alt tags so they make sense to Esperanto Lynx users 1 year ago
  JimmyBot 24848da8fc fix one w3 validator error for now 1 year ago
  JimmyBot 1ccf4f9ab7 try to make esperanto code formatting a little nicer 1 year ago
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  JimmyBot 8348593d07 add missing resource 1 year ago
  JimmyBot 60a4ceb432 remove english from esperanto page 1 year ago
  JimmyBot e078064af2 fix the mistakes I made being overzealous with absolute urls 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque 3364c7d560 Resolved conflict 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque af4adf10ad Added the old art/, errata/, and ubiquiti/ directories for updating/rewriting 1 year ago
  Jade Levesque 34bbaecee4 Translated comment and 'any browser' bit 1 year ago
  JimmyBot 2f76c44964 use absolute url's for lynx comp. 1 year ago
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