Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Germán Arias 588cffd86c Add class CD_CLIENT_IMAGES at CD_IUP 7 months ago
  Germán Arias 63c4120ebe Add class CD_CLIENT_IMAGES 7 months ago
  Germán Arias 34a30c15f0 Add class CD_VECTOR_TEXT 9 months ago
  Germán Arias af5ecf998f Add World coordinate features and update years. 9 months ago
  Germán Arias 707571a760 More features to CD_CANVAS_COORDINATE_SYSTEM and other minor fixs. 9 months ago
  Germán Arias 4467a562f8 Add features to CD_TEXT 9 months ago
  Germán Arias 704575ce5c Add initial features to IUP_TEXT 9 months ago
  Germán Arias de2ae9e61f Initial code to CD_TEXT 11 months ago
  Germán Arias edb179444e Update example1 1 year ago
  Germán Arias 98e13f2d1d Fix typo in README 1 year ago
  Germán Arias f96ad5d0ae Update README 1 year ago
  Germán Arias 743034e96c Fix a bug at CD_LINES 1 year ago
  Germán Arias d4c81112a9 Update example 1 1 year ago
  Germán Arias 14fded8302 Add features for filled areas. 1 year ago
  Germán Arias b3fa6fe26f Fix a typo in CD_PRIMITIVES_MARKS, and add new feture at CD_IUP 1 year ago
  Germán Arias db45c9aa92 Add new classes to handle lines, polygons and regions. 1 year ago
  Germán Arias e1a14b753d Change the names of some features. 1 year ago
  Germán Arias 2a0377e81b Add documentaion and size features at CD_PRIMITIVES_MARKS 1 year ago
  Germán Arias ea800fc8a1 Add documentation and new features. 1 year ago
  Germán Arias f9ef05926c Improvements to create features in CD_IUP and in features for coordinate system. 1 year ago
  Germán Arias ab127d697e First commit of eiffel-cd files 1 year ago
  Germán Arias 24ab33cc94 first commit 1 year ago