TODO.txt 781 B

  1. Things which are which are in the waiting list for completion. Level "1" tasks must be completed before the next release can be made; from then on, larger are less and less urgent.
  2. *Set up the developer's manual [3]
  3. *Edit tests so they consistently give useful information [2]
  4. *Replace placeholder site rebrandings with ones that actually exist [2] 77%
  5. *Finish update system patched- that is, sign release file sigs- and add associated test(s) [1]
  6. *Anonymize request headers for video downloads [3]
  7. *Make the 'latest version' downloads page half-decent [2]
  8. *Increase friendliness to translators- GNU GetText? [2]
  9. *Achieve requirements for GNU compatibility (not necessarily for entry to GNU though) [3]
  10. *Add source-package creation to Makefile [2]
  11. *Create PPA for the software [2]