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The Problem

#+LABEL: arcane-parens #+CAPTION: Lisp is arcane and mystical.

Make the most prominent Lisp flavors in 2013 (Emacs Lisp, Common Lisp, and Scheme) more approachable to new hackers, by bootstrapping them into an environment with sane defaults and fun goodies. Make working Lisp environments that actually do stuff easily reproducible and not unique snowflakes.

TODO Project Goals [0/4]

TODO Lisp integration

TODO Bootstrap SBCL with Quicklisp

  • StumpWM
  • Some kind of IDEish thing (CLIM-listener? CLIMACS?)

TODO Bootstrap Emacs with ELPA

  • Cover the basics: Gnus, org+contrib, REPLy-goodness (SLIME, Geiser)

TODO Bootstrap Guile and GNU GUIX

TODO MIT Lisp Machine Emulation

Investigate MIT CADR Emulator licensing/redistributability status

TODO UI/UX stuff

TODO Welcome screen

  • Installs Lisp stuff from the list above on demand.
  • Literate Org program as a guide for the distro
  • People can contribute Lisp software installation/config
  • recipes by adding to the Org file or files

TODO Artwork

  • Desktop background: Nice options from Digit
  • Syslinux theme

TODO Persistent live system

  • Like Grml itself, should be a live system by default, with a quick
  • and easy installer. Build on the tools already there.
  • Either make proper Debian packages for artwork and Lisp stuffs
  • (better) or add it to the FAI chroot (kludgier).

TODO Extra Flavors

  • "Warm start:" includes some pre-downloaded, pre-compiled bytecode
  • for big programs (StumpWM already ready to go as default WM, etc.)
  • Defiant: Security/anonymity layer for EAGLE, features Tor
  • TransProxy for main user and a tmpfs guest user