1. Temelia is a generic data structures library written in ANSI C. It implements
  2. the most general use data structures, mostly studied at school.
  3. This is the Temelia project directory. It currently contains the following:
  4. Directory Description
  5. src Temelia's source files
  6. src/include Temelia's header files
  7. Makefile Makefile for Temelia's sources
  8. AUTHORS List of authors and contributors
  9. COPYING Licence under which is released Temelia
  10. INSTALL How to install Temelia
  11. THANKS List of people that support Temelia
  12. samples Quality tests and examples of how to use data
  13. structures to solve problems
  14. samples/Makefile Makefile for tests
  15. samples/src Source files
  16. samples/src/include Header files
  17. performance Performance tests; Temelia vs C++ STL
  18. performance/Makefile Makefile for performance tests
  19. performance/src Source files
  20. performance/src/include Header files
  21. deb deb install packet for deb-based operating systems
  22. deb/amd64 amd64 architecture
  23. deb/i386 i386 architecture
  24. rpm rpm install packet for rpm-based operating systems
  25. rpm/amd64 amd64 architecture
  26. rpm/i386 i386 architecture