Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dumitru Ursu 7fdc6184cc dropping CEGUI assets 11 years ago
  Dumitru Ursu 750a892c8c added a skydome to ogre Scene 11 years ago
  Dumitru Ursu 2a1e8f0229 CEGUI. this stuff surely doesn't work, don't try it yet 11 years ago
  Dumitru Ursu b37c522659 improved dima.blend, reduced the number of dependencies 12 years ago
  Dumitru Ursu 22c80a49f6 added new packages as dependencies: OpenAL, ODE, SDL_net 12 years ago
  Dumitru Ursu 13f9719846 "added 2 config files, now it runs almost properly" 12 years ago