Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Asher Gordon 6aee603dbc Don't allow duplicate player names. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 628af3c028 Update NEWS file. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon a3a5c917b6 Enable save and demo file deletion. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon f0a876a65e Allow spaces and '=' in INI file entries. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon e020308b90 Enable screenshots. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 577a504992 Update NEWS. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon e26fa2aa6d Replace APAK file loading. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 3167ce9d3b Fix drawing footprints. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 0a19d30662 Eliminate y-axis fighting in shadows and burnt spots. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 63bcfd3556 Enable Unicode support. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 5a583bda93 Don't clear the key buffer before we need to. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon f884663f06 Update NEWS. 1 year ago
  Martin Stransky f53f8de8ac new update 7 years ago
  Martin Stransky e1daef5ed7 Added berusky2-data install script 7 years ago
  Martin Stransky 8fded1db71 NEWS update, tag as 0.10 version 7 years ago
  Martin Stransky f4d86be122 Changelog update 8 years ago
  Martin Stransky 3555042ff4 Doc update, set window title 8 years ago
  Martin Stransky 4d05958dc6 Almost working window resize on the fly 8 years ago
  Martin Stransky 6a99cad713 Doc update 8 years ago
  Martin Stransky ec768bf7a8 Update to 8.0 8 years ago
  Martin Stransky 183c70ef41 news change 9 years ago
  Martin Stransky 964067a384 mark as 0.5 10 years ago
  Martin Stransky f46beffad7 added directory parameters to ./configure 10 years ago
  Martin Stransky 07c162b948 doc update 10 years ago
  Martin Stransky f5891f9fb3 NEWS update 10 years ago
  Martin Stransky 8709dec0f6 doc update 10 years ago
  Martin Stransky 1c2c951f53 first commit 10 years ago