Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Asher Gordon aabd01cd57 Update homepage URL. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon 7f3614a4d3 Bump version number to 0.12. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon 6aee603dbc Don't allow duplicate player names. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon 628af3c028 Update NEWS file. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon 3a245ef602 Use the default values for new settings rather than guessing them. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon 8d29454602 Don't try to guess the extension of files that cannot be loaded. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon 1275fe87f1 Fix compatibility with old INI files. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon b41a785d30 Change BMP file references to PNG files. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon 85dd6dccbe Replace VERZEHI and VERZELO with VERSION from config.h. 9 months ago
  Asher Gordon 87222bd7fe Update TODO list. 10 months ago
  Asher Gordon 7f72e989d3 Remove APAK files from po/ 10 months ago
  Asher Gordon 3cb8fecba1 Remove iLanguageVersion ('languageid' in the INI file). 10 months ago
  Asher Gordon 188881ffbe Save a screenshot on SIGUSR1. 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon e31aa2b0e2 Raise the bug's shadow slightly. 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon d10248b539 Raise the y axis increment a bit more for shadows, etc. 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon 80e0b1683a Fix FLT_MAX being used instead of -FLT_MAX and vice versa. 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon a3a5c917b6 Enable save and demo file deletion. 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon ed6556bf07 Remove redundant increments to the height of shadows, etc. 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon 29131f0e49 Fix buffer overflow in am_Create_Fairies(). 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon 020512e7da Eliminate y-axis fighting in level 32 (and possibly others). 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon 09a6e0831c Don't default to no sound in the INI files. 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon f0a876a65e Allow spaces and '=' in INI file entries. 11 months ago
  Asher Gordon 732a5b898f Fix some memory errors. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 426f94746b Fix charset conversion error when compiled with optimization. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon c0c5a6bbae Don't declare as classes types which are defined as structs. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 18101b6c27 Fix warnings with -Wextra -Wno-unused-parameter -Wno-sign-compare 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon 9c1c771622 Simplify ConvertEncoding(). 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon c94b1137a9 Don't use a table of GL_TEXTURE* constants. 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon b7fdc82f53 Use iconv() instead of mbstowcs()/wcstombs(). 1 year ago
  Asher Gordon e9df2927b4 Don't hide an object if its reflection is not visible. 1 year ago