Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  zPlus cf4164a888 move actors file into gitolite-admin repo 10 months ago
  zPlus 03b4a79b06 disable post-receive hook for gitolite-admin repo 10 months ago
  zPlus b29368e742 add hooks 11 months ago
  zPlus 57b8acbfe0 change gunicorn settings 11 months ago
  zPlus 72c044d1bb fix boken actor document 11 months ago
  zPlus d197b81041 add comments 11 months ago
  zPlus b3cdec2095 fix webserver_auth python location 11 months ago
  zPlus a86f2bf86b Use a single "actors" file instead of htpasswd and 11 months ago
  zPlus f2f961b4e1 - Support tickets 11 months ago
  zPlus 2c7323781a Fix OUTBOX recipient. 1 year ago
  zPlus d96fabfeee Delete dummyui (move to its own repo). Less confusing this way. 1 year ago
  zPlus 3557b5b136 Set gunicorn --chdir 1 year ago
  zPlus 78112da87e Add install instructions for dummyui. 1 year ago
  zPlus 74a55f7544 Replace localhost with 1 year ago
  zPlus 26b3b5099c Add a dummy client for testing. 1 year ago
  zPlus 9dc108614c Add systemd service file. 1 year ago
  zPlus b3f48863f3 Refactor write_outbox() 1 year ago
  zPlus 667ca6c599 Deliver "Create" activities. 1 year ago
  zPlus 3f3daf8985 A dummy client to test AP endpoints. 1 year ago
  zPlus 80e498a304 Support gunicorn server for testing. 1 year ago
  zPlus 298a60a8f5 Store outgoing messages to database. 1 year ago
  zPlus eeab9ff64d Fix actor description URLs. 1 year ago
  zPlus 0282801476 Add explicit INBOX/OUTBOX URLs. 1 year ago
  zPlus 125090d526 Store incoming messages to INBOX if they can't be delivered. 1 year ago
  zPlus 07813031de Typofix. 1 year ago
  zPlus fcfe8e70c5 Add support for multiple forges. 1 year ago
  zPlus 48f846770c Commit everything. 1 year ago
  zPlus ca5f06920b Add README 1 year ago