The vim configuration of an avid Vim user. Go to for screenshots and to download the .vimrc

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Vim configuration file

Based on but with some modifications.

Move the included vimrc.txt file to your ~ and rename it to .vimrc The vim file is site/vimrc.txt in this repository.

Trisquel 7 setup instructions (also works on Debian Testing, maybe 8.x and up)

sudo apt-get install vim-gtk git

mkdir -p ~/.vim/{backups,bundle,tags,undo}

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim

cd ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim/

git reset --hard 50cd52f2ad34096dac77b0fc673031c0d367d357

cd -

sudo apt-get install ctags

vim +PluginInstall +qall

Installing powerline font for Vim powerline

For Debian Testing (maybe 8.x, and maybe Trisquel 8 and up)

sudo apt-get install fonts-powerline

For Trisquel 7


mkdir -p ~/.fonts/ && mv PowerlineSymbols.otf ~/.fonts/

fc-cache -vf ~/.fonts

mkdir -p ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d/ && mv 10-powerline-symbols.conf ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d/

Terminal emulator

Pretty much any terminal emulator is probably fine. I use xfce4-terminal with Droid Sans Mono at size 8, with these settings changed:

  • Scrollbar disabled
  • Transparent background with colour scheem solarized dark
  • Menubar disabled
  • Toolbar disabled
  • Bold text disabled
  • Disable all menu access keys
  • Disable menu shortcut keys