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% Yet more reason why Brexit is good: EU opposes Maduro in Venezuela % Leah Rowe % 2019-01-31

I wasn't planning to write about this, but this Guardian article really pissed me off: - scandalous!

Well, for accurate and truthful information regarding the current political crisis happening in Venezuela, read these articles:

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A little background about Venezuela... the country was quite corrupt prior to the 1990s, with the government basically plundering all wealth from its citizens. The country has always been very poor.

In the 1990s, a socialist state was brought about. Venezuela was already dependent on oil revenues for a lot of its national wealth, and this didn't change since then. Chavez's government fell victim to a coup in 2002, which it managed to overcome. Its people strongly supported (and still support) the socialist regime in place within the country.

Over the years, Venezuala has been transformed into a place that is much more equal for its citizens. Poor people started to be able to have access to education, welfare and health services for the first time. It is a socialist state, afterall. I don't really want to get into detail on the history of Venezuela, you can read up on WikiPedia instead.

An election was held about a year or so ago, installing Mr. Maduro, a communist, into power in Venuzuela. This was a fair election, where he got two thirds of the vote. However, the USA in particular was unhappy about that.

Since oil prices have fell in the last few years, Venezuela has been hit pretty hard and its economy has been shrinking. Supplies of food and medicine have dwindled, leading to shortages all over the country. This has created great instability within the country, leading to violence and crime.

Of course, measures have been put in place by the government there to try to control the situation and ensure that people still have decent living standards.

I already wrote about communism, and why I support it, in this article:

I also have two other Brexit related articles: and

So... long story short, there is a coup currently being carried out in Venezuela. The head of the country's defunct National Assembly (which is no longer recognized as having any authority in the country) has illegally declared himself president and he is trying to oust the country's socialist state.

The government in Venezuela is quite rightly responding to this by imprisoning the people involved, and in trying to crush what is basically a coup against a democratically elected government. If the coup is successful, it would lead to much greater civil unrest within Venuzuela, and the poor would suffer for it.

The reason Venezuela does so badly isn't because of Maduro, or because of socialism. It's just an unfortunate consequence of the lack of cooperation they get from other countries. Their main ally is Cuba, which is also a communist state.

Anyway.... I don't really want to go on about this.... I just wanted to vent.

I already supported Brexit, but now I support it even more. The EU has, today, officially shown contempt for democracy by supporting an illegal coup in Venezuala. This, right after Trump flat out threatened to invade Venezuela to oust Maduro from power.

The imperialist states merely want Venezuela's oil. They don't care about the people living in that country.

As a communist, I have great respect and admiration for both Cuba, and their sister republic Venezuala.

I hope Guido and has gang are stopped in their tracks, and I hope that Maduro manages to maintain socialism within the country. Counter revolution is a constant threat to any socialist state, one that must be crushed at all costs.

Venezuela, like Cuba, has faced enormous pressure from the imperialist countries, most notably the United States, who are opposed to socialism in any form.

If you live in the United States and are reading this: I urge you, write to your local congress person and urge them to support Maduro's government.

I say the same thing to British citizens. Please write to your member of parliament. I will be writing to mine.