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% Help my best friend get Gender Reassignment Surgery % Leah Rowe % 2019-01-22

You were all there for me when I needed help. Now I ask for help on someone elses behalf: my best friend, Sara Rocha (who is also my roommate). Like me, Sara is a trans woman (assigned male at birth) and, as I did prior to surgery, suffers extreme depression and anxiety related to her genitalia. For the sake of her mental health and happiness, she requires surgery so that she can get a vagina.

How to donate to Sara (credit/debit card)

Here is Sara's crowd funding campaign on GoFundMe (the picture is of her):

How to donate to Sara (via bank transfer. E.g. BACS, SEPA, ACH etc)

Donationns sent via wire transfer will be immediately donated directly to the GoFundMe page by Leah Rowe. Money raised on the GoFundMe page is deposited directly into Sara's bank account.

GoFundMe requires use of a credit/debit card. If you don't have that, you can also use a wire transfer to donate money to her. Her bank account is registered under her old male name since she can't change her ID yet, so I don't think it would be good to share her bank details here (since this would reveal her deadname): but you can wire the money to me (Leah Rowe) and then I will donate that to Sara on your behalf.

My wire info is here (if you want to donate to Sara using a wire transfer):

Sara is awesome

Sara has been an absolute godsend for me personally, in my recovery. As a roommate she has been generally excellent, looking after me in my early days of recovery. Although I am back on my feet now and no longer require her help, I am eternally grateful and this is why I am now helping her to get the surgery herself.

Originally, I was going to pay for her surgery, but since I couldn't even pay for my own and had to ask for donations, this was impossible. However, I am determined to make sure that Sara gets the medical help she so desperately needs.