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% Never use a mobile phone! Your freedom depends on it % Leah Rowe % 2019-04-28

For background on my underlying philosophy in this regard, read the Matrix article on the hidden wiki in Tor Browser. It's a very good read. You should, for your own sake, escape the Matrix and resist it with everything that you have.

NOTE TO SELF: I should also write an article about resisting censorship, surveillance etc.

The TL;DR if you didn't follow the above advice:

  • The world we live in is extremely monitored, regulated and censored by beaurecrats (can't spell that. can't be assed to check spelling).
  • Phones contain non-free software in them, even if they have Replicant. Specifically, the modem firmware which is remotely updateable by the hardware manufacturer.
  • Mobile phones have cameras, microphones and these days high-speed 3G/4G and really insanely low power usage, so they could very easily be used by the Government (or other hostile entity - yes, all governments are hostile).
  • Basically, mobile phones are like the Telescreens in 1984 by George Orwell

Mobile phones are the ultimate control device used by the Matrix to direct its subjects. You should get rid of your phone immediately. DO IT RIGHT NOW.

Some quick tips on how to not own a mobile phone:

  • Walk to the shops. Don't call a taxi :) (not doing so is only excusable if you are in some way disabled so as to be unable to do this)
  • Use email, IRC, Tox and GNU Ring to talk to people!
  • Use a landline! (but caution: landline phones can record you too. Make sure it's a corded one, not wireless, and that it doesn't have any batteries. Leave it unplugged unless you need to make a call, and also leave it powered off)
  • Alternatively to landline, use a SIP+PBX setup, e.g. Asterisk server. There are also providers. HOWEVER BE WARNED: there are zero libre handsets out there, so those could be bugged too. However, you can use linphone, ekiga or GNU Ring on your computer, with a microphone and headphones connected. Like in a call centre.
  • Don't rely on GPS to find your way to somewhere. Buy a map! Plan your journey!
  • For music, use a standalone music player, preferably one without internet on it (radio is fine, so long as it only receives signals but doesn't send any). There exist many players out there that can run a free bootloader and/or OS. Rockbox is a decent OS for such music players, which you could install.
  • If people need to contact you, tell them to email you or maybe even knock on your door or come find you.
  • Plan outings a day in advance, so that real-time communication is not required.

Basically, live the way your parents lived. Actually, nowadays we live in a world where some parents actually used mobile phones during their upbringing, so to be careful I will say grandparents instead of parents, or basically anyone who is at least 50 years old at this present time and date of 2019-05-08.

I don't have one :) I don't need one!

As of 8 May 2019, I have once again become phoneless after a brief (3 year) lapse of judgement.

I grew up without mobile phones (hell, I grew up without internet. I first got online in my teen years). I know the dewey decimal system used in libraries. I can memorize a phone number. I maintain eye contact when talking to you. Even when I used a mobile phone for a brief few years, I never used it the way most people do; I only used it in emergencies, or basically my mother / roommate would call me. or a supplier would text me, etc (business partner). Well, all I need is email.

Here is my history of mobile phone usage:

  • Up until age 12: No mobile phone at all
  • 12-16 had a Nokia 3210 brick. I used it to play Snake, mostly. I didn't use it for phone calls. I also used it as an alarm clock.
  • 16-20 had a slightly less-bricky Nokia phone. It had Snake II
  • 20-24: No mobile phone
  • 24-27: Mother nagged me into getting a phone so she could text me. I moved out of home when I was 24.
  • 27+: No mobile phone again :)

During the last few years I used an Android phone. I barely knew how to use Android (I still don't). Well, I mainly used it just for phone calls, but like, I didn't even use basic features like the address book most of the time. I just remembered numbers in my head. I'm good at remembering things. I just look at a photograph in my head, which I shot when I first read the number. It's always there and it never fades.

Honestly, mobile phones are pointless

As of 8 May 2019 I am without a mobile phone. And honestly? I don't care, since I barely used my phone anyway... you can always email me. Or idk, if you know me you could knock on my door and come in for a cup of tea? Not that I personally drink tea. I could also serve coffee, or water.

Now I am untraceable again, for the most part. You cannot reach me unless I want you to reach me. This is exactly how I like it. I hate talking on the phone.