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% Whitebait, carrot, spinach and pea omelette recipe % Leah Rowe % 2018-11-09

I stopped being vegan, obviously. Initially it was because of my surgery recovery, since being vegan required cooking all meals from scratch. This meant that I needed to rely on meat again.

I have since been corrupted.

Serves: 1 person. Multiply for more people.


  • Boil a handful of rice in salt water, add peas towards the end.
  • Heat a saucepan with olive oil
  • Whitebait. Fill the saucepan up
  • Cook the whitebait for a few minutes on medium heat
  • Turn off heat

Extra ingredients:

  • grated carrot
  • asafoetida
  • paprika
  • white pepper
  • salt
  • cayenne powder
  • spinach (handful)
  • peas
  • 2 eggs (white eggs are better. duck eggs)
  • handful of rice
  • light soy sauce

Further cooking instructions:

  • Sprinkle a dash of salt on top of the fish
  • Add the grated carrot on top of the fish
  • add the spinach on top of the carrot
  • beat the 2 eggs with dash of salt, pepper, paprika, cayene and light soy sauce
  • pour the egg mix over the spinach
  • drain the rice and peas, spread evenly on top of the egg
  • add a bit of extra soy sauce sprinkled over the rice (optional)

The rice keeps the heat in the egg mix, acting as insulation. This avoids the need to flip the omelette. Alternatively, if not using rice, you could grill the omelette instead of flipping, when you need to cook the top part.

Cook on medium heat until done. The egg will be hard when cooked, not runny or soft.