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% UPDATE: I'm getting financial help now but I need a little bit more to meet final Minifree orders. Will you help me? % Leah Rowe % 2020-04-02

I'm currently receiving welfare. I mistakenly applied for universal credit even though I'm technically a PAYE employee (of Minifree). I thought I was self employed but turns out I'm actually employed, so my accountant is getting my wages sorted. The UK government, in response to Coronavirus, has promised to cover 80 percent of employed workers wages.... well this means I can get about 2k per month. Once I get this, I'll be sorted.

Will you help me? Any amount will be appreciated... even 20 euros. My bank details are below or my bitcoin address is 39EtuFHRGG7pAXzgUiRKyMnNQAnNgQRXqm

Leah Rowe, sort code 07 02 46, account number 10319393 - If you're outside of the UK, it's this info: Leah Rowe - BIC: NAIAGB21 - IBAN: GB72 NAIA 0702 4610 3193 93 Swift intermediary Bank: MIDLGB22

I'm also trying to sell my modded consoles. See

Once I get my wages sorted, I'll cancel my benefits (because I thought I was self employed, I thought I needed to apply for Universal Credit. Doesn't matter. I paid my rent yesterday with some money from this... but when I get the other money (from the 80 percent thing) I'll just pay back the money I got on universal credit and cancel my universal credit.

I'm getting my roommate, currently unemployed, to apply for universal credit (it's a form of welfare in the UK).

Minifree has shut down and it won't ever recover. It was already screwed but coronavirus put the final nail in the coffin.

ANYWAY, right now I'm stuck because I don't have money. My bills and rent for March 2020 are paid. Today is April 2nd, 2020. I still have like 10 Minifree shipments left to do. To ship all of them, I need about 800-1000 GBP... I also have some refunds to process. I'm applying for an overdraft with the bank, but I don't know when or if I'll be able to get that money.

I really need this money. My parents couldn't help me this time. Due to coronavirus, my dad is mostly off of work and barely has any money himself. Normally, he'd be the first person I ask for help.