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% I am in deep financial shit and I need help or I'll become homeless % Leah Rowe % 2019-12-10

I am in deep financial shit and I need money. I will become homeless if I don't get help. If you wish to help me financially, my bank details are below:

I'm much more stable as of January 15th 2020, but I still need help. I need about 1k to pay this month's rent and to pay for food etc.

Read that page for details about my current predicament. I will also leave my bank details here, which you can use to send me money:

Leah Rowe, sort code 07 02 46, account number 10319393 - If you're outside of the UK, it's this info: Leah Rowe - BIC: NAIAGB21 - IBAN: GB72 NAIA 0702 4610 3193 93 Swift intermediary Bank: MIDLGB22