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% Leah Rowe's Communist Manifesto for the 21st Century % Leah Rowe % Editing started on 2018-11-13. Actual date to be determined. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS

In my communism article and both Brexit articles, I laid bare my political beliefs.

In this article, I intend to go much further and create my own manifesto. This is aimed at the UK, but the intention is to make it easily adaptable for all countries on earth.

We all know what communism is already. People owning everything, where power is collective and where the state essentially no longer exists as any kind of oppressive force.

The purpose of this manifesto is to give specific ideas as to policies that my ideal country would have.

I'll get right into a list of bullet points.


This is my first concern, above all others. It's useless to have a society that is breathing its own shit that will die from environmental disasters.

I don't look at cars, meat, planes or factory farming as causes of global warming. No, greed is the cause of global warming, and lifestyle choices people make that lead to global warming are merely symptoms of greed.

Our fetish for growth and personal wealth is what causes global warming. Ending capitalism is the first way to end greed.

My thoughts:

  • End all global trade of goods. Countries should build their own goods instead, which means that they need factories of their own. Countries that don't yet have the resources can get help from wealthier nations (such as the UK). Pollution from air planes is one of the major causes of environmental harm. Same for ships.
  • Ban all meat. Make it illegal to abuse animals for their flesh or produce such as eggs/milk. The meat industry is one of the largest contributors to global warming. Teach everyone how to be vegan (it's easier than you think).
  • Replace all coil/gas with nuclear, wind and solar power generation.
  • Do away with roads for use with cars: instead, refurbish existing roads and build new roads to make cycling easier (like in the Netherlands) and emphasize public transport. Encourage everyone to use public transport and/or cycle everywhere.
  • Build local argicultural infrastructure, for organic growing of fruit and vegetables. This means less need to ship food everywhere from centralized points, which cuts down on energy usage (cars and trucks pollute the atmosphere).
  • Ban all processed foods. The food "industry" is highly toxic to the environment.
  • Replace all cars with efficient transportation that makes use of hydrogen fuel cells and batteries to get around (NOTE: batteries are harmful to the environment).
  • Severely restrict all international travel. Most people do not need to travel all over the world. Nowadays we have the internet, which allows people all over the world to connect to each other. People should still be allowed to travel, but it should be heavily restricted so as to reduce environmental harm.
  • End all wars. War is extremely harmful to the environment, and to human life.


Communism isn't just for people. Dignity isn't just for human beings.

Animals deserve freedom too.

Stop killing them.

Meat, dairy, eggs etc should be illegal.


It should not exist. Abolish all militaries and destroy all nukes.


  • Fully funded national health service.
  • Focus on preventative healthcare: regular health checkups to be given to all citizens.
  • Ban sugar. Literally do not allow it to be made, imported or purchased. sugar is toxic to the liver
  • MENTAL health is just as important as physical health.
  • Ban all soft drinks. Including the diet ones. The diet ones are even worse, since artificial sweeteners are carcinogenic.
  • All fruit/vegetables should be organically grown.

Tobacco, alcohol etc:

  • Ban tobacco. Smokers who don't want to quit can vape instead. It's healthier
  • Alcohol is OK, but introduce minimum pricing (like in scotland) to restrict the possibility of alcoholism


  • Legalize all drugs. This will cut down on crime, diminish the black market and allow proper regulation for public health.
  • Encourage weed (vapourized) instead of tobacco/nicotine. Stoners are generally really nice people, and usually very relaxed. Getting stoned is a really fun way to pass the time, and there are several medical benefits to moderate use of marijuana. A few friends huddled around a vapourizer or bong, with some music, dim lighting (because your pupils seriously dilate when you're high) and maybe cards or something, or some fun board game etc... it's a perfect way to spend an evening. This sort of thing should be encouraged.


  • At least 15 GBP per hour living wage.
  • Workers not compelled to work more than 24 hours per week. This should be a right.
  • Decent health/safety laws
  • Protections for women, transgender people, bisexual/gay/lesbian/ace and intersex people. And also black people, asian people, muslims and other ethnic minorities.


  • Everyone who wants a job should have one.
  • If job shortages, new jobs should always be invented.
  • Exceptions put in place for people who can't work, or for whom work would be damaging to them in some way.
  • The prison population must also have employment


  • Keeping people locked up violates their human rights. MOST crimes in the law books today are crimes invented by capitalists. The only true crimes are things like murder, rape, etc. Even theft isn't a crime, but merely a symptom of greed brought about by capitalism (under communism, theft wouldn't need to exist because everyone would have what they need).
  • Abolish all prisons.
  • Dangerous people to be put under close observation instead, to prevent them from being an active threat to the population.


  • Abolish copyright entirely.
  • Replace it with universal copyleft. All works must be copyleft, by law. Consult with the GNU project and Free Software Foundation, and also the Software Freedom Conservancy, on this. Introduce copyleft into law. All works must be under copyleft. Putting restrictions on works (artistic, scientific or otherwise) should be a crime, for it is a theft against the entire human race to withhold knowledge.
  • Abolish all patent law.
  • Abolish all trademark law.


  • Competition is a highly capitalist idea, based on greed. The accumulation of wealth always implies poverty at a certain level of the chain.


  • It doesn't exist anyway. In reality, key sectors of each economy on earth is almost always controlled by a handful of duopolies or in some cases monopolies


Housing is a human right. Everyone should have a house.

Abolish mortgages. Abolish rents.

Destroy the banks

Get rid of banks. Introduce cryptocurrency to the entire population, and have everyone use that. With cryptocurrencies, the users are in control.

Free software everywhere

Proprietary software should be illegal. See: Free Software Foundation, GNU project etc for an idea of what Free Software is.


  • Everyone entitled to a minimum standard of living, to ensure dignity. Give everyone a universal living wage, regardless of employment status.


  • Anyone, at any age, should be entitled to full-time education, fully funded so that it is free at the point of use.
  • WE ALSO need to invest heavily in training new teachers.