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% Sleepless Rants, Episode 2, 2018-08-19 % Leah Rowe % 20 August 2018

Once upon a time, a cute Canadian trans woman named Tiffany made a video on her video blog showing her dilating, with an episode of Star Trek: Voyager overlayed over her pussy. So she wasn't really showing the dilating, she was just playing an episode of Star Trek. CBS, in their infinite assholery, pulled the video.

This episode is made in honour of Tiffany. In it, I dilate in the same way... though I watch an episode of Archer, not Star Trek.

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I like Star Trek, but Archer is better.

Well, her name is Jessica Tiffany but I call her Tiffany in the video.

This is her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/cuteypietiffany/featured

And here's my dilation video, presented as an episode of Leah's Sleepless Rants made entirely in Jessica's honour:

Click this link to watch the episode (webm/vp9)