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% Brexit is good for the internet % Leah Rowe % 2018-09-12

Article 11 and 13 of the newly revamped EU Copyright Directive went into effect this week.

I'm linking to a US of A publication, not a United States of Europe publication.

This is to protect me from the link tax.

I already gave a long list of reasons why Brexit is good in my original Brexit article.

This legislation was imposed upon us by media companies lobbying against our basic rights online. An unelected, appointed European Commission has imposed their yoke upon us, at the behest of their puppetmasters.

Since we're leaving the EU, it's safe for me to link to UK stuff:

I have a song to mark the occasion, since this law only applies to the UK for about 6 months (we're leaving the EU next year).\


This is bad. Really bad. The EU is not only undemocratic, it's shortsighted.

And technologically ignorant, if it thinks this law is enforceable in any way.

We will (read: must) resist.

Basically TL;DR internet censorship is now imposed by law in the EU.