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% Sleepless Rants, Episode 0, 2018-08-17 % Leah Rowe % 17 August 2018

0th episode of my blog. This actually wasn't the first episode, but I retroactively made it the 0th episode.

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Believe it or not, despite the fact that I founded the Libreboot project, I do actually sin: I play retro videogames. There was a time when I didn't use Free Software. Nowadays, I only use GNU+Linux and free programs, but I still have an emotional attachment to the videogames (all proprietary) that I played as a kid. So I play these games on emulators. I see no harm in this, it is harmless fun and these games didn't even have networking. Most of the really old ones were written in assembly language so they're easy to hack for fun, and it's not like these old games serve any useful purpose.

This was a retro videogaming group that I ran at the hotel I stayed at in Thailand, where I had my Gender Reassignment Surgery with the Suporn Clinic. A whole bunch (about 20) of us were crammed into Chon Inter hotel in Chon Buri, mere minutes away from the Suporn clinic.

It was a boring, sterile internationalized hotel catering mostly to rich Chinese and American people (and some Europeans). Almost nothing in it was Thai. As soon as you step outside the hotel, you see the real Thailand.

The real Thailand is crazy, insane, fun and cool. And insane. And much better than Europe, the continent where I'm from. Everything just works really well here and the people are really relaxed.

The gaming group wasn't a big hit, but I made friends with a cute American trans woman and a vietnamenese trans woman, both also patients of the suporn clinic. The three of us, all post-op trans women, sat in my hotel and played videogames. We also ordered pizza.

That 'videogame date' isn't shown in this video entry. I made this video for fun after that night.

Warning: Ape Escape contained within. I love Ape Escape.

Click this link to watch the episode (webm/vp9)