Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  jakkemerke e24eef18db Bump the version. 2 months ago
  vaeringjar bea357235a Start migrating the public pages to use the higher level status with PASS, DEGRADED, and CRITICAL. 5 months ago
  vaeringjar 7e17757392 Move branding and project details into the footer. 5 months ago
  vaeringjar ba74b10a91 Do not crash MED if the microservices fail. 7 months ago
  vaeringjar 7b2a130a03 Update the readme. 7 months ago
  vaeringjar 7e0620d30a Add the test api for the public system health status. 7 months ago
  vaeringjar 56566c2a83 Remove micro_services testing mode. 7 months ago
  vaeringjar df87eacf1a Update the readme. 7 months ago
  jakkemerke dc6e3ade39 Fix deployments not at the root of the path. 7 months ago
  vaeringjar 8f696d07ea Remove all knowledge of the testing apis from the code in preparation to move into the config.toml. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 842e6906b9 Pass the APIs to the frontends instead of configuring. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar ce872d5850 Add bootstrap 3.3.7 to the project. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 2190a1ab65 Rename the style sheet from styles to main to match other projects using mfws. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar a47b37d523 Finish wiring up med-data-entry. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar bb4f1d9db7 Move the fe building into a script in bin. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 04efc757ef Add med-data-entry as a submodule. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 26ed739710 Add test apis for the data entry frontend. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 65d5aa5d39 Finish removing the test APIs from the main package, except for the permissions testing response. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 306d7a8b91 Start moving the testing apis to another package. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 95704f0603 Move each view test to its own test module. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 7d4ddf7023 Fix the routing for the static views in med-appointments-alt. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar bd140be493 Map app permissions to the correct routes for the user profile and footer views. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar ed88cd01ff Write a stub test for each of the top level modules and subpackages. 8 months ago
  vaeringjar 8d1a57539a Flatten the project packages for routing sanity. 9 months ago
  vaeringjar b40d57757e Finish adding the first frontend. 10 months ago
  vaeringjar 5792586a4f Roll back or hide some of the previous unfinished work from the profile page and allowed apps. 10 months ago
  vaeringjar e6c8737c08 Add first web app frontend, preliminary. 10 months ago
  Bo Zhang 386240db0d Fix the comparisons. 11 months ago
  vaeringjar 9a24f63480 Work on filling in the remaining API stubs with valid test data. 11 months ago
  vaeringjar 38bd6fdcdb Finish the stubs for the test APIs for the appointments frontend. 11 months ago